Susan and Matt

The first night that Kit and I arrived at The Riffles Susan and Matt went over places we might want to see during our four day adventure. Really what I wanted to see was primarily my friend Susan and how she was doing in these days, and in some way as we sipped some wine in their comfortable living room I was already having a perfect time.


Susan seemed relaxed and well and often in motion. Matt seemed happy  to be with his old buddy Kit with whom he shared a myriad of tales of derring do. Though in conversation they expressed concern about issues with family members, their lives seem peaceful and they are both looking  forward to their trip to Paris later this month.

Each of them have duties and patterns of their lives, Matt does much grilling, Susan is the general of the kitchen, they share the gardens. Matt is super organized, see below.


Because they are their own first line Fire Department Matt has arranged his hose so that it cannot get kinked. I saw this on may arrival  before I took my luggage inside and told Matt that I thought it was beautiful. It is.


Susan’s kitchen is small but extremely well supplied. This is in part because they are so far away from stores. Every nook and  cranny has some storage facility, everything has its place. And the meals that come out of Susan’s kitchen any 3 Star chef would be proud to present. Although I try to help, it is not easy, I would get to set the table, the same sort of task I would give to my children once they were out of rompers.

I am so grateful for these friends. I do love them.

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