For the Birds

It was Sunday, time to check out of the our hotel for a two night stand in Kygistan, we left most of our luggage there and took only enough for 2 nights to allow us to walk across the border. It was about a mile when you put together getting from one bus to another bus parked after a line of about a quarter of a mile of waiting taxis.

We went to a bird farm and a linchpin before we went to the border.

We went to a falconry on our way to Bishkek on Sunday 29 September, this a bird retaining facility that uses ancient techniques to train birds to help identify and/or kill prey for human consumption. As someone who saw the marvelous film about the young woman in Mongolia who won the national prize with her abilities with her bird trained in this way, it was a thrill to see folks training owls, eagles and other raptors to hunt. I have lots of photos and only a few here, but I must say both the birds and the trainers were beautiful.

After the impressive exposition of skills we went to a “yurt” to have our lunch. Yurt is in quotes because the lunch yurt is larger and designed to accommodate tourist groups such as ours, 22 people. But before lunch we were entertained by a Kazakh band.

Insert. I do have short video which I will insert here, perhaps on the trip, but maybe back home.

The fake yurt did accommodate us and the food was OK.

And now off to Kyrgyzstan 150 miles away and 5 hours to the border. At the border we walk from Kazakhstan to our new destination.

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