Best Meal Yet

We went to a site developed in the Soviet Period where there were several buildings, some built by the Grandfather, some by the son who was our host. There was a felting project going on for us and and wool in various stages of prep for the felting. There was also a yurt used only for large gatherings like weddings bring in relatives for the countryside.

The Mother and wife and a neighbor worked on the display of beating before the wool was carded, spinning on hand spindles, and several techniques of sewing and attachment of colors on a felt base.

The children were charming. They were everywhere outside, the youngest in his car was all over the place saying “Hello” and waving when not careening down the packed earth driveway.

Another brother and sister who are the cousins are staying at the house because their parents both work and Grandmother takes care of them.

Our lunch was prepared by this family and their neighbors and was so welcome because it was OK to eat the salad of carrots, peppers, eggplant, onion and garlic. This was first mouth crunch in a week and very welcome. There were also breads of various shapes and sizes, most of which were leftovers which prompted the question of waste. Jama, our guide said there would be no waste because anyone who helped would get part of the leftovers, if not all consumed by humans, the rest would go to the animals.

We were serenaded by the daughter who is the eldest child of our host. Another bit of information was that the host and hostess served the table, that is the show of respect and hospitality, they do not join their guests.

The glass contains yogurt, not milk. The other glass is for water.The small cream colored vessel is heavy cream intended for the pasta with beef coming as the main course. The red stuff is raspberry jam intended for the yogurt or the various breads, The reddish bowl is our salad, the lump is fried bread combined with honey, condensed milk, and a bit of cinnamon for dessert.

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