Burana Tower and Kyrgyz Horses

Watchtowers were established all along the Silk Road. There is only one which still exists and it is Burana, now a UN Historic site.

The city covered a large territory and was very important because it became one of the trading centers for camels and horses – camels are great on the flat and terrible in the mountains. The small nimble Kyrgyz horses and donkeys carried the goods over the mountains.

Like Pisa the tower leans. At one time the base was denuded of its bricks for other buildings, the base was rebuilt as its historic significance was realized, but the foundation was not strengthened.

Balbals are the stone grave markers for leaders. Since Islam was not yet strong, stylized faces appear on the stone that reflect the men who are buried. There is one balbal which represents a woman (no beard). She has a decidedly down turned mouth.

This is Said, our local guide with one of the taller balbals. In the right hand there is cup , a sign of hospitality, in the left a dagger. If you are a friend you are welcome, if you are an enemy – watch out!

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