Palaces Bukhara

We walked to the summer palace (not sure what feature makes it better for the intense heat and the guide did not know). The building is being used as a mosque and we were there at prayer time so lots of men were rushing to join the prayers. Note the lighted list of the parts of the Koran that would be recited, like which hymns to sing in a Christian church.

The very thin columns are wood and four needed replacement due to termites. The carving is considered fine examples of local craftsmen.

A palace now used as a museum is part of a complex on a hill above one of the aim bazaars. This part of the city as built in the 15th century, wrecked in the 17th century an rebuilt.

The palace overlooks the city and has a coronation court where tourists can try out the throne.

I decided to pay $4.00 to get into the gear and play queen.

Love the robe!

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