Last Morning in Bukhara

This morning on our way to the rain station we stopped at the remains of a 6th century madrassa. It is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city.

We walked the equivalent of three or four city blocks. And there in a tree shaded small square was a small and elegant building. It was the gate to 4 madrassas of which none are extant. However the site is part of the UNESCO historic sites due to design and quality of the craftsmanship.

The Emir who had the complex with 4 madrassas had 4 daughters each with a distinctive personality so be had each of the 4 minarets with a different design.

Of course there was also a bazaar. For some reason the focus was medals. Jackets and coats from the Russian Army each covered with metals was available for purchase. It was also possible to buy individual Russian medals.

As usual the people were so happy to have tourists. They brought their children or grandchildren to wave and day ” hello”.

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