Train Travel

We have been traveling by bus and plane. Today we took a train from Bukhara to Khiva.

It was comfortable and it was possible to stand and walk around, for me a real improvement over the bus. The program said we would have an 8 to 9 hour bus ride to Khiva. It would have been the longest of or bus trips. The train reduced that time to 5 hours and 15 minutes.

We crossed miles and miles of dessert. It was a blessing to be on the air conditioned train each of us with a box lunch with water a dark bread sandwich with a bit of cheese and tomato and cucumber (which we were advised not eat), an orange, a banana, Pringles (!) and. Snickers bar. Not healthy but filling.

As we neared Khiva we crossed the Uxos River which is the end of the desert. The landscape changes dramatically. Trees and bushes grow along the railway. Fields of rice and cotton and a few other crops become the norm.

Once we leave the train the temperature has dropped and a sweater or jacket is needed. We go to the city and find our hotel. My room is super complete with a balcony overlooking a garden.

More soon.

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