Khiva – Night

We walked to dinner with our flashlights (my iPhone light) because once we went through our South Gate there were no street lights and the road surface is iffy with our holes and sudden cast iron tops of what might be waste water sewers.

We went to large house turned into a restaurant with large rooms for tour groups. We had our own entertainment.

A family affair complete with a sweet little boy perhaps 6 years old who danced and played mouth noises along with an impressive band. The dancers were women on sparkling costumes. Musicians did a great job and although I do have video I won’t add until I get back home.

The drum was much like those in Ireland and Scandinavian countries sheepskin stretched over a wood frame and played with the hand.

We were all in bare feet. A tradition when in someone’s house.

On the way back to our hotel the city with the dangerous roads showed us it’s nighttime beauty.

The minaret which has always been used as a lantern as well as a sign of welcome in the desert was now lighted near the base, a gift for those of us walking.

The generous street is empty because folks who live here, many thousands all live away from the inner walled city. That is our hotel.

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