Viaggio California 1

The decision to design a California road trip occurred to me last summer. The state is filled with a sumptuous variety of geology, geography, a history or rather histories, beauty is everywhere. The plan was to visit some places I have always loved and others I have yearned to experience, but have yet to visit. However the other rule is that driving would be 3 hours plus/minus between the stops.

Day 1, California sun shining, proved to be chastening. I traveled from San Rafael to Pacific Grove. I left a little after noon, traffic should have been very light. Nearing to San Jose the 5 lane freeway slowed to 30 miles an hour – for almost an hour. WOW.

Pacific Grove is the home of Asilomar a YWCA center built early in the 20th century and does all it can NOT to be anything like Monterey or Carmel. There are lots of early 20th century houses on tree-lined streets. I found an inexpensive older motel-like located almost as far as the lighthouse at the end of the Monterey peninsula.

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On the planet in California

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