Viaggio California – 2

Today was a focus on Monterey Aquarium. I had the opportunity to take a local transit and for $1.25 I had a lovely ride through Pacific Grove and part of Monterey.

Since I was here with my Mother about ten years ago the site has expanded and now includes part of an old cannery that was part of Cannery Row.

I started with one of the great film/lectures given in the Auditorium. This one focused on the deep sea. Critters so deep in the darkness of the sea that many have techniques to give light and/or are transparent. Even when I see them it is hard to believe…

Mother loved the jellyfish. So it has become one of my favorites too. The room is dark with the tanks lighted and the room was filled with little people. Some little kids were glued for a really long time in front of one rank, others bounded between all of them.

I had lunch in the Restaurant because that was where we always ate. They began when the Aquarium opened with a great chef. Their aim at that time was to focus on fish ecological OK. My table was right at the window with the sea surging underneath. The long view included the calming quiet hills that surrounds the bay.

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On the planet in California

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