Viaggio California – 3

Asilomar a State Park now was a YWCA site since early in the 20th century. My day was planned around a walk from my Lighthouse Avenue motel in Pacific Grove 1 1/2 miles to Asilomar. And then to have lunch in the Dining Hall designed by Julia Morgan. Plans were foiled by the Park Service which closed the Dining Hall until January 2 dinner. Great. For the service folks but sad for me.

Instead I am in the Social Hall also completed in 1913. Julia Morgan also designed this space and her great ideas for simple and ample lighting hung on great beams continues the motif from the Dining Hall. The rug was also designed by her and somehow remains elegant and soft.

There are 5 candy covered buildings each designed after one of the buildings on the site. Candy is NOT fresh but glue is.

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On the planet in California

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