Viaggio California –

The photo above is Route 101 in 1900. There is no place in the Camarillo where I have seen even one stand of trees. I visited the Camarillo Ranch now a California Historic Site which retains several acres of the original ranch as a lawn and garden used as a rental site for occasions. They also retained a barn where I found the photo above.

From Camarillo to Palm Springs East from the sea to the desert through a landscape that looked so raw. That is, just born, new. And it is in geological terms. The hills and mountains look like larger versions of Morro Rock. Not much grows there. It makes it so clear that without water from the north and from the infrequent oasis, the place could not support humans.

Palm Springs is an oasis. I am at a 1930s resort popular with Frank Sinatra before he moved further into the desert. In the 1950s and early 60s he had a separate cottage here.

There is a pool, spa, restaurant and bar. And lots of lounges surrounding the pool. My room is sizable and in a separate building on the second floor. It is an aging resort complete with all the signs including not exactly 100 percent maintenance.

Leading to restrooms the edges of the half walls need a bit of paint, just sayin’.

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On the planet in California

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