Viaggio California – 8

Palm Springs Museum has a small but lovely art collection and a venue for visiting exhibitions from other museums. The glass sculpture by (Chilhoili) reminded me of a visit to this same museum decades ago in which there was an entire gallery filled with his glass sculptures. This piece is part of their permanent collect.

Part of the permanent collection are ceramics from Mexico from 200 BC to 200 AD mostly from Colima on the west coast of Mexico.

The temporary show was the work of Alexander Girard, a designer who did interiors and worked on whole environments for restaurants such as La Fonda del Sol in Manhattan completed in 1960 in which dishes, chairs, napery, staff uniforms, were designed as well as the interior finishes. Other restaurants and one airline, now defunct called Braniff Airlines had all the visual elements designed by his office. Braniff used the colors even on their planes, very new colors like chartreuse and melon which would have attendants similarly dressed in mini-skirted suits and boots to match. We are talking about the ’60’s.

Girard did lots of fabric designs and chairs as well.

Palm Springs also has an Architecture and Design Museum. When I walked the 7 blocks to get there I found it was closed until 26 January. But there was no front entrance, that is no entrance from the Main Street where it was located. Instead the door is found in the rear near to the parking lot. It is Southern California after all.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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