Viaggio California – 9

The aerial tram to the Mount Jacinto State Wilderness is fabulous. When I was last here with the family there was a tram, but it was an early generation looking a lot like those in Switzerland, sort of a railroad car. This one has a floor that turns inside the car allowing a 360 degree view by everyone 2x as we went from the bottom to the the top of the tram.

As we climbed there was more snow. There are walks and decks all around the building at the top.

On the way up we could see the whole valley partly filled with settlements and wind farms and desert floor.

In the distance we could see the Salton Sea. One of the graphic shows the San Andreas Fault going right through the valley, noting that in a million years or so Los Angeles will be a neighbor of San Francisco. What a concept!

After a walk this was the perfect place for lunch at Peaks Restaurant. Priceless view and very good food – no complaints.

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On the planet in California

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