Viaggio California – 10

OMG! What a country!

What an extraordinary state!

An eye popping drive from Palm Springs to Death Valley. This was a longer drive than I planned, but beautiful.

The desert landscape changes, the colors shift, many miles go by with no sign of commerce or houses or human activity of any kind. Amazing how different this is from the setting for life I am familiar with. How did the original settlers, the Indians who have been living here for thousands of years, sometimes with long times in between settlement patterns – how did they experience this place?

It has been dry for centuries.

Here in my room situated inside the National Park I am happy to have a cozy room, a good supper and plans for the next days. Grateful for it all.

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On the planet in California

3 thoughts on “Viaggio California – 10”

  1. Thanks for once again leading me to your Bolg Site. Sorry it has taken me so long to “get with it!” Enjoying seeing all your comments and photos. I like it so much I might try to do this too at some point when I have more free time.


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