Viaggio California – 12

Full moon at the Ranch at Furnace Creek in Death Valley is sweet indeed.

Colors are strong and changeable. The sandy looking soft hills are … you might have guessed it piles of sand slightly solidified. This whole area is below sea level and there is much salt and sand where in other places soils containing organic matter might be expected. Not much can grow without being planted in wide and deep holes. Date palms are the decorative plants of choice. And since there is a deep aquifer of hot water it is possible to dig and cool. It tastes OK too.

There is a trail through the “Artist’s Pallet ” where the gigantic forces of volcanoes and earthquakes brought up chemicals in large patches.

Some patches seem painted on the surface like the khaki patch here. There are no trails there and between the close hills in the foreground and the more jagged hills is a deep crevice.

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On the planet in California

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