Viaggio California – 14

This morning was bright with sun as it has been every day since I arrived.

Yesterday was a bit of a disappointment. Every day I go to the Ranger Station to see whether roads to two of the sites on my “must see” list are open. Roads are closed when there is ice. Sadly neither site was open and I leave tomorrow early. I did find some photos to show what I missed.

Dante’s View is on top of the Black Mountains about 8,000 feet above sea level. The bottom where the salt pond sits 282 feet below sea level is many miles away. This road has been closed since the middle of December.

Scotty’s Castle started in 1922 is located at an oasis, one that is slowly disappearing. The entire west coast is active geologically and water shifts easily. In 2015 rains destroyed the road to the castle and portions of the buildings itself. There is a project to rehabilitate the buildings and improve the roads. It is about 2 years behind schedule, but the wonder is that it is happening at all. I was unable to get a place in the group of 20 who were taken there this morning. Only one group is allowed once a week on Sunday.

In the collection of photos I also found a much better photo of the Artists Pallet. It was taken by a real photographer with a fine camera and improved processing.

Also missed this evening’s colossal sundown with clouds. I was walking but my iPhone was back in my room. I do remember.

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