Viaggio California – 15

It took 9 hours to get here to visit Kay Tim at her house in Stockton from Furnace Creek in Death Valley. That did not in any way fit my travel plan, not more than 3 hours drive per day…

When I left this morning the sun was coming up. It was after dark when I arrived at Kay’s driveway. In between there was lots of Death Valley. Incredible in so many ways, one of which are the perfect roads with virtually no cars. My little white sporty Lexus really got a workout. It was easy to speed without even knowing it. I would be trying hard to take in the scene so that I could conjure it up at will. When I looked down at the console I was doing 100 miles an hour. Krikey!

That is faster than I have ever driven anywhere. The funny thing is that even when I slowed down the ride did not seem any different.

Kay seems well and is over the moon about the possibility of selling her house in Stockton and her current SF condo and buying on larger condo in the same building. We will see the possible new one tomorrow.

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On the planet in California

One thought on “Viaggio California – 15”

  1. hi
    ar you home now?
    loved the posts from your trip
    any time you are in Novato and want to walk around the block let me know.



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