Morning In Hanoi

My driver told me as we were going to my hotel in the heart of the ‘old town’ that the airport road was 5 years old and a great improvement over the old road. 5 lanes in each direct in most spots. He also said it was midday on Saturday so all the potential bad impacts were gone and we looked forward to reaching the hotel in less than 50 minutes. And we did.

From my eighth floor room looking back at the Old Quarter.

The name of the district in Vietnamese is Ha Ba Trung District. We went through the narrow streets and short blocks that signal sudden and intense development that happened during the French occupation of Vietnam.

With a twist here is my map which I will use to reconnoiter my surroundings. On the right hand side about midway is the location of Hotel May De Ville Hotel.

One of my delights was the discovery of a bathtub! I have just finished my delightful time bathing.

It is large but not body shaped. I guess they anticipate the bather to sit on the seat and dangle legs in. I did my normal full body immersion.

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