Dinner in Hanoi

It was time for the Welcome Dinner. Overseas Adventure Travel gives a dinner at the beginning and one at the end at which one glass of wine or beer is included. This time we were to try the rickshaw as our conveyance.

Each of the 12 of us had our own rickshaw and bicycle driver. Mine was the youngest and the most timid. Traffic was wildly chaotic.

The time was 5:20 everyone traveling after work. There are 90 million people and almost as many motor scooters.

This is one of the smallest streets. You might think that would be the safest but it was the place where we came closest to others.

We were on the rickshaw for 45 minutes. Nobody was hurt.

On the 4 and 5 lane roads we traveled in a single line and the car and motor scooters went a lot faster than we did. On the small streets everyone traveled at the same speed. Slowly.

We had a terrific dinner and wine made in Vietnam. One Sauvignon Blanc and one Cabernet both drinkable neither notable. I was told the grapes came from Dalat.

After dinner we walked to the largest of the city lakes. Lights did their thing on the water making a movie of glitter.
A banyan tree at the lake edge proves they can live in water as well as on land.
We said goodnight to the lake at the end near the pedestrian bridge.

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