Rice Paper

We went to a village about an hour away with the traffic. It is a small peninsula village with about 10000 people most of whom make rice paper which is sold all over the place. The other product is a large cracker. We saw both in production.

The bamboo racks are everywhere. The painted colors designated each owner. The racks dry the rice paper in from 3 to five hours depending on weather. The upper photo shows racks on the second floor and although not in the photo the racks can also be seen on the third floor.

Women are the workers to make these food items. The men deliver the raw ingredients and then the finished rice paper to cutters who remove the thin layers and stack and cut them for market.

Crackers made of rice flour plus tapioca flour and water are made on this grill. The woman has just rolled the cooked cracker onto a plastic roller and will unroll on a drying rack. After it dries it will be roasted in an oven.

We tried our hand at making rice paper with help each of us who wanted a go was seated at a hot plate with a cover. Essentially the mixture is steamed. Spring rolls use the thin pancake as is and Summer rolls are deep fried after the rolls are made.

Here a woman rolls out a rice paper in the shape of a circle and places it o the bamboo frame. Each of who was interested did the same. I

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