Hue Morning

Hue was 85% destroyed in the American war because it was a supply area for The North Vietnamese. Today it is a vibrant small city with excellent remnants of past cultures, especially the last king of the country.

From my deck on Floor 6 of the Cherish Hotel.

This morning we visited the Citadel and the Forbidden City built beginning in 1802 and completed in 1830. The Nguyen Dynasty ruled until 1945 when Ho Chih Min and his troops took over.

Another moat and more alligators (no longer resident BBbecause
Yours truly in front of the citadel. The level of building craft is truly remarkable. The moat over which the bridge approaches the entry was filled with a lot of alligators in the royal period.

The part of the Forbidden City that was not destroyed is the Citadel and the throne room for visiting officials.

No photos were allowed inside the building however there was an incredibly informative film on the site put together by South Korea. It showed the development of the site and use of each photo f the buildings when the site was fully functional. There were more than a thousand folks who lived in the complex including many concubines and eunuchs.

Some of the Forbidden City is being rebuilt by the United Nations. That work has highest quality craft just like the historic buildings.

The East Gate is one of the newly built parts of the site.
This the royal theatre which is part renovation of the Forbidden City. Again no photos inside but the gat was open enough to take the interior.

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