Hoi An Old Town

This has been a trading place for centuries. It is the center of trade between Vietnam, China and Japan. The 400 year Old Town is exceedingly pleasant and especially during the hours when motor scooters are not allowed.

This is a quarter sized replica of the Chinese boats that came to trade at the entry to the Old Town.

This city is know as the place to shop for silk and for tailored clothing. Recently a shop specializing in bamboo clothing opened.

A bride and groom are having photos taken in front of the covered bridge which goes to the Chinese side of the river.

Some of our group are having glasses made made with their prescription.

Our tour leader explaining the temple that is part of true covered bridge built by the Japanese to the sea god.

We were able to visit an historic house which was 20 feet wide on the street and went back 100 feet. It was a pharmacy in the front then the family altar and then the living quarters. Between the business and private space was an open courtyard.

Temple of the Water Dragons.

One of the temples we saw was dedicated to water dragons. Water was key to the important trade. And the powerful dragon could be wild and unpredictable so needed to have lot of attention.

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