Hoi An an Ancient Site

Around 1020 a new civilization established itself in the central area of Vietnam. They are known as the Cham or Champa. They followed the Hindu religion and built a lot of temples in the area near Hoi An. The temples are built of brick and some archeologists posit that Cambodian temples followed the Champa temples.

During the American War planes bombed the site and some temples were destroyed. Others were damaged.

The French discovered the sites accidentally. Although there were no photos at the historic site we were told that the renovations funded by UNESCO are using French photos taken during their occupation of Vietnam. This is the Number 4 Site being helped by the UN.

The exceedingly damp environment means that moss and lichen grow in and on the clay brick buildings.

There are granite stele that tell tales of Hindu gods and goddesses. The stories are written in Sanskrit in a finely carved face of the stele the carving dates from the Eleventh century. When you see the stele it is so small that the lines of text look like horizontal stripes.

One of the temples is dedicated to the god of time. The faces go from baby faces to old men in a square space all around the square temple.

Middle aged human.
Sanskrit story.

One of the damaged temples had a sort of hairdo of grasses on its top.

Although this site has been studied there are hundreds of others not yet measured or documented.

There was a dance performance which we saw. Looked a bit like Thai dancing to me.

A warrior dance.

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