About Food

Last night we went to a restaurant famous for salads. For me quite unusual salads.

We did have other food and nobody opted to try their specialties. But do note the English signs.

The Dragon Bridge.
The head of the dragon faces east of course the rear.is to the west b

The bridge was on our way to the airport for our flight to Nha Tràng an airport located close to an extraordinary bay. The flight was a hour in duration and brought us close to the Nha Tràng where we are staying tonight and tomorrow night. Our dinner tonight was barbecue and as I write this I still reek of wood smoke. We cooked beef, squid, tuna, tiger prawns on a small wood grill. One grill for 4 people giving 3 at our table. My eyes are still smarting even after a walk from the restaurant to our hotel along the beach.

Sometimes we gave up and the kind waiter helped with the process.

The local beer here is San Miquel brewed here but with their recipe.

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