Scooters and Dinner on the Beach

We traveled this morning n motor scooters, just the way that most other people travel in Vietnam. I have a video taken by another traveler and I may try to add to the end if this blog.

Our first visit was to a shelter for unwed mothers and their children. This is one of the directors of the shelter with one of the babies.

We each rode on a scooter with what I would call a mature scooter operator. I loved it although I was a bit nervous about it before I tried it.

At the shelter all the women help to prepare and cook food for everyone.
Yours truly with some of the orphan boys at the shelter.

The shelter was in the middle of tow we then got back on the scooters and went to a village where they make basket.

An expert shows how it’s done. And then we got aa chance to try itcvhance chance to try ou

When we got to try our hand at the basket making, we did the most simple step v

Jane andI did the basket bottom. Simplest part of the job.

Our next scooter stop was further into the countryside to a smaller village. They make chopsticks from bamboo.

The New Years decorations will be taken down next but it is a very cheery addition to week.
Dinner tonight was after acitytoiurby electric buggy to a restaurant on beach.

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One thought on “Scooters and Dinner on the Beach”

  1. Peggy: it’s fascinating to read your blog and your photos are fabulous. So glad you’re having such a rich journey of cultural experiences and adventures and revelling in your geological interests in the karst country. And that at least you’re benefitting from the lack of crowding from other tourists because of the virus restrictions. Yes, the monuments are so closely related to the Angkor Wat architecture. And you didn’t try the pigs’ ear salad?!? ( They are a delicacy in parts of the Pacific too). May your journey continue to be so marvellous!


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