West to Dalat in the Mountains

Dalat was found by the French as a favored place especially in summer. At almost 5000 feet elevation it has cooler air and since it is surrounded by mountains the air is fresh and sweet. In the nineteenth century it was called Le Petit Paris.

The television tower reflects the wish to relate Dalat to Paris.

Today Dalat is the center for growing flowers and some fruits and vegetables in plastic covered greenhouses.

Massive numbers of greenhouses cover the entire valley outside the city of Dalat.

We had lunch at restaurant the served tastes other than Vietnamese. Curries and Italian dishes and Fish & Chips for example filled the menu. However the best part was the music provided by an ethnic hill tribe.

The matriarch and two son-in-laws played bamboo instruments and bronze drums. The bamboo instruments included a flute, and several percussion instruments played like a xylophone.

We arrived in Dalat which clearly shows that it is a wealthy city. There is a lake that is central to the core of the city and many other open spaces with lots of gardens and colors.

The roundabout is one of many in-the middle of the city.

This is the night we have dinner with a family. Four of us dined with a Mother and her 35 year old daughter in a large home with lots of motor scooters, obviously upper class family. However they are still working, long hours were described for the husband who was still at work when we visited.

This is the dinner group l-r Mother, Janet, Jutta, me, David and daughter whose name I think was Tsao.

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