Dalat to Saigon – Part 2

I wrote Part 1 on my iPad. I cannot find it. I have hope that when I get in touch with WordPress after I get home they will help me find it.

On our way from Saigon Airport we recognized that the motor scooters actually stopped at red lights! A real change from other cities. Grateful for that. Our planned stops before checking into our hotel was the War Museum known as War Remnants Museum

We were warned that some of the material might be upsetting. It was.

There quotes from various US presidents one from 1954 from Eisenhower that said that we had to help fund the French in the Indochina war because we needed the raw materials. Really!

Suppliers being sent on the Ho Chi Minh trail to fighters in Diên Behn Phu.

The photos of vast numbers of powerful weapons and well equipped soldiers were shown next to photos of north Vietnam soldiers with very little cover.

Stunning graphics showed the amount of weapons and money being spent on each side.

The part that was most disturbing for me was the area devoted to Agent Orange damage. I had to leave, just couldn’t take it.

We then were taken to the Post Office building designed by Eiffel. It took more than five years to build and it isn’t that big. Tee said they imported a lot of material from France and that took a lot of time.

It looks more like a train station than a post office but it is large and substantial. Since fewer people are using the past the space is used as a market for small retailers. Viva capitalismo.

Inside the are some classic features.

After dark we walked to the center of the city. Lots of lights and a grand public building at the end of a splendid promenade.

French Classicism of the mid 19th Century. Really pretty.
The promenade has a new pool only a placed there 6 months ago.
This was once a Russian Condo Complex. Because of its excellent commercial location each condo has been leased to one business or another. Times Square Vietnamese Style.

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