Saigon at Night

Hotter even than the city, these little boats are the way people do their marketing, make their living through fishing and go from house to house.

After a trip to the Mekong Delta the group decided to try a supper mainly composed of drinks put together with a little food. We have eating a lot of food and always have more than we can consume.

This is the bar at the top of the Rex Hotel the hangout for officers Colonel and above during the American War. They had a press briefing each night with journalists and often made stories up. The officers called it the Five O’clock Follies. This is our merry band.

There was a Happy Hour Special if selected drinks half price. However their signature drink named for the Five O’clock Follies was not on offer at half price. I wanted to have it in any case since I do not see myself returning to Saigon.

Mint and basil give the green look. The white star and curve is made of radish and there s lime juice and lime quarters floating. The maraschino cherry was consumed by one of my table-mates.

Lots of talk of the day and I asked who wanted to walk down to see the second highest building in Vietnam which has a bar on the 52nd floor. Dick and Judy were game for the walk too and we set off.

We were moved from this table to one right next to the windows and the view of the city from there was sensational.

One of the views was of the elegant city hall and the promenade. Others included a view of the Saigon River cutting through the city, the highways reaching out from every direction and the other lighted high rise buildings of what they call Fifth Avenue.

The low built in the upper part of the photo is the city hall. The light on the building change, blue in this photo, they will turn to red, green, and yellow. The building to the right of the city hall is the Rex Hotel still a 5 star hotel.

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