Big Day in Temple Land

Cambodia has a rich history. Once the powerhouse in the region, it is now the size of Oklahoma. Thailand, Laos and Vietnam were all part of the Khmer Empire which was mightily tied to India. No surprise then that many early temples are dedicated to the Hindu gods. Bloody wars came when the Buddhists (I thought they believed in love!) wanted to be the religion of the people.

A Stupa near the Pol Pot killing fields.
These are the bones of citizens thought too western by Pol Pot. Any person without calluses on their hands or whose skin was considered too light by neighbors or police were murdered. All educators or educated professionals were also killed. Families who lost loved ones in that period would come to Sien Reap and steal bones from this stupa to place on their family altar.

We folded lotus blossoms to offer to Buddha at the temple.

Our flowers were offered in a bowl filled with sand and stacks of incense. We made a wish. You can see our glided lotus blossoms and brilliant yellow seed center.

The Museum was great but way too much to take in. Always there is the heat that reduces some of us to dripping hair and damp clothes.

The lotus and added leaves. Why would someone want to improve on perfection?

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