More Temples

We went to the temple furthest away from the city of Siem Reap. Angkor means city and Wat is temple. Siem is Cambodian for Siam which overran Cambodia and which for centuries has been their advisory. Much if the food is more like Thai than Vietnamese which flavors these folks find too Chinese.

The name of this temple isBantey Srei or Women’s Temple. It is furthest out of town. And built with Hindu gods in mind.

It is much smaller the Angkor Way but built of beautiful pink sand stone brought from far away. We were there late in the PM and our group of 4 were almost alone on the site.

Although a smaller temple the carvings were magnificent.

We traveled through the countryside and stopped to learn about making rice noodles with a family whose business is to make them for their community and the local market. The women were all related and the Mama Boss was sweet and tiny.

We helped grind the rice and then the mix was drained and then boiled and then extruded through a drive into a bin.
Extruding was Judy from Cape Cod.

Afterward we went back to town and had a super dinner.

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