A Family Visit

OAT aims for us to visit families to get some tiny experience of life in the countryside. Even though the families tend to be somewhat spoiled by the both the attention and the funding, it does increase our understanding of life there.

This is our family. The young woman on the left was quite good at English surprisingly she had only studied at her high school. I am guessing she also does online study. She and her mother-in-law made our delicious lunch. She is 30 and had two kids the nine month old in arms of her mother-in-law and a 6 year old. She and her mother-law cooked our lunch.

We also got a chance to see the upper floor of her stilt house in which 7 people live.

From the step ladder to the upstairs it is possible to get an idea of the lower space which is cooler under the house. They have just purchased a fan which they used while we were there.

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