A Lotus Flower Farm

One of our short but fascinating stops was a farm dedicated to growing lotus most often used for temples.

The water wheel brings water to the fields. You can see straw huts where folks come to eat a meal out. There are several lotus varieties in these fields.

The lotus is a special temple flower for Buddhist temples. But it is also a good and a tea. Like lots of things people use everything.

More than one variety in the ponds.
This looks like variety we folded.

The restaurant part of the operation added a lot of flowering plants along the paths to and through the grass huts.

Our guide picked one of the seed pods that is under that beautiful yellow center. He had two different ages measured by days. He used The three day old seed pod to give each of us a seed which we had to peel the green skin and pop it in it our mouths. The second one was a week old and by that time the green skin had thickened considerably and we tasted the bean like seed which had more flavor, but the surprise was that inside there was already a green shoot. Tiny but most certainly ready to root.

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