Angkor Wat

This was the apex of this trip for me. Angkor Wat did NOT disappoint. It is a wonder. The level of craft is remarkable and the complex a fascinating mix of spaces, ritual areas, ancient stories carved in long story sequences.

The path is more than a mile and a half from the gate.
Long colonnades on 4 sides have been restored. There have been structural aids in some cases and the roof was completely restored because it had caved in ages before the French found the site.
Some of the carved columns had long cracks in the sandstone. Steel straps were added.
No roof was intact when the temple was found. But I was impressed even with the restoration. The difference from original to restoration is the addition of mortar.

The temple was surrounded by water features of on kind or another. A real benefit in this climate. There was a massive moat a mile on each side and more than one lake inside the temple complex. One treat was to see a reflection in the lake in front of the temple. Although the best time to see it is sunset, we were the I. The morning and even then we could see an impressive image.

This is the dry period. In the monsoon the edge of the lake stretches to the trees.
This is a poor photo of a portion of a remarkable badscenebrelief
More stories on the west wall shows the struggle between goo and evil. They are doing a tug of war with body of a snake.

It was hot as the hinges of hell and very humid. But I was delighted to be there sweat not withstanding.

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