Ta Prohm Temple

All the temples had been taken back by the jungle. One of the temples has not yet been restored. We were told the photos of the French find at the beginning of the 20th century show a seen much like that at Ta Prohm, a smaller temple about 2 miles fro Angkor Wat. This was a fascinating site.

The forest eats the temple.
I was being silly as our guide did a cool panoramic photo. Others wanted to use it as a glamour shot.

The interaction of nature and architecture is clear in all the old sites e have

It looks as if things will change since the big equipment is already on the site. Note the tufa walls in the foreground. Many walls were built of this less heavy stone.

Interaction of nature and architecture always leaves nature as the winner.

We spent about an hour there probably too short a visit but we had other visits to make b

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