COVID-19 April 18

Sheltering in place since midnight of March 17 after a month in Vietnam and Cambodia. Phaedra and Rosie picked me up at the Airport and whisked me to the Barn in San Rafael where Gaby and Steve had turned on the heat and filled my refrigerator and fruit basket.

I should have begun this blog then with our Zoom Saint Patrick’s party. We usually gathered to do my Dad’s recipe to celebrate -A sip of Irish Whiskey, a sip of Guinness and a shout of “Erin Go Bragh”, instead I will start a month into this experience.

I have been walking each day and today I decided to take the most familiar walk. Up Locust Avenue to Palm Avenue and then right on Magnolia.

The corner of Palm and Magnolia – Dominican University Library

Of course I also passed our old house with its lovely garden.

Magnolia House in it’s Spring Glory.

Familiar territory is so comforting.

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2 thoughts on “COVID-19 April 18”

  1. It’s inspiring to learn you are now doing a blog of your travels right here at home, and such nostalgic photos of the beauties of your former home. Be well!


  2. beautiful photos thx for sending warm hugs will be happy when we can schedule your BD lunch ha hugs dee



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