COVID 19 April Vampire Slayer Soup

Today after speaking to Marcia and taking my walk I thought I would make a soup. I had a lot of garlic and I wondered whether there was a garlic soup. I found one and that became the theme today.

Vampire Slayer Soup

I found a recipe that had a great name “Vampire Slayer “. It takes 52 cloves of garlic and some lovely herbs. And away I went.

But before I began I dropped off some limes and Apple Strudel to Gaby and Steve. When she heard what I planned and learned I was on my way to pick up some missing ingredients she said. “I have raw ginger and coconut milk” and insisted I let Steve trade the package for them with these items from their larder.

Lots of garlic, thyme from my garden and Gaby’s ginger.

Always the recipe time given in the recipe is way shorter than the actual. But in the interim my dear Joseph called to chat. A First. And it was totally delightful. I told him what I was up to and he told me about his new found delight in walking. He said he had taken a 6 hour walk today and found it fascinating and welcome balm for this awful and disorienting time.

Almost there…

I have left the soup partly complete because I had my dinner and became interested in some TV. I will complete in the AM. But it certainly smells great!

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One thought on “COVID 19 April Vampire Slayer Soup”

  1. good on you I am a baker, not a cooker your soup SMELLS delicious in my mind hugs dee



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