COVID-19 – April 21

Today’s adventure was cleaning the ductwork at the Barn where there is a forced air system heats the 900+ square feet interior. This is the first time it has been cleaned ever and I was expecting the worst – lots of dust in every one of the five registers.

Aaero Heating came with a big piece of equipment and a ladder to do the job.

Because the return air duct is located above the computer and printer I covered both with bath towels. There was a filter in the return duct, it was filled with dust, but the technician said it wasn’t bad… He said it was doing its work taking in the air but filtering out the dust before the heated air was pushed to the registers. He thought it looked great and attributed it to my clean place!!!!

Protecting the computer equipment.

I called Jackson’s to ask whether they had a 24x12x1 HVAC filter, they did and I went down to pick one up so that a clean filter could be put in place before the guy left. Below you can see the difference. The one that looks gray is the old one covered with fuzzy grey stuff. The new one is pure white, just as the frame of the old one shows what it look like when it was first installed.

New on on top

After writing a check for $495. the Aaero technician and his equipment left for another cleaning.

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