COVID- 19 what happened to May – Mothers Day

Me o my how can it be mid-June? What happened to May?

Who is that masked man? Woman?

One really wonderful thing that happened was the my children did a Mother’s Day brunch for me. Under Gaby’s orchestration – or was it Phaedra’s, well one of the girls, each person contributed something to the event. This was our first family gathering since the lockdown. I was totally delighted.

Gaby took the photo. Missing were Dee and Joseph.

Gaby’s photo was taken by Ward so that she would be represented. Gaby decided that Jack should be part of the Mother’s Day record too.

Jack likes to think of himself as a lapdog.

The meal was filled with family favorites like Irish bacon, Tiburon Pancakes (know by most folks as Dutch Babies) and Prosecco. Coffee by the pots full and lots of laughs.

A wonderful assortment of fleury burst open for our feast thanks to Gaby.

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One thought on “COVID- 19 what happened to May – Mothers Day”

  1. happy happy MOther’s Day’ looks like a fine feast and a good time was had by all too hot outside and in for me virtual hugs dee



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