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Phaedra, Dan and I have been searching for a house to consolidate our now two households into one. Yes, a big change and a true life adventure. I rerturned from Vietnam and Cambodia on March 16 at 10:30 PM and at midnight California’s Governor Newsome declared the entire state shut down and sheltrer in place.

We had lots of time to walk and chat about what we would look for – in SF or
Marin we would need light and space so that there was space to work and space to invite friends and space to be private.

That was six months ago and we did find our home after seeing lots of places that wouldn’t work. We did however miss one we saw early in our search because it was sold the day after Phaedra and I saw it, but Dan was not with us because he had other appointments, so he was to see it two days later. The house was sold the next day – all cash, no contingencies and the current owners could live there rent-free until they were ready to move back east. Needless to say – that offer was accepted.

For anyone who wants to see what we did buy, the address is 75 Kensington Road, San Anselmo in their neighborhood called Seminary in San Anselmo. One of it great features is that it is a 8 minute walk to some super restaurants and 11 minutes walk to Andronioco’s Super Market with many cafe’s and gelato shops in between. You can probably see it on Zillow.

So this past weeks it has been all tasks necessary to sell my house at Stinson Beach, give notice to let the owner of the Barn know my intentions, and Phaedra and Dan to put heir house on the market. One of the less tasty tasks is facing all the storage at the beach from my move there 12 years ago… Perhaps it is no surprise that some trucks go directly to the dump!

Sometimes we need to pack things!

Two days again I became the proud owner of a large storage space at Bellam Storage our premier self storage facility known far and wide as the one self storage that has not varmints and smells clean and has great hours and lovely attendants… A tiny bit more than some, but not enough to count – for me.

My friend Gordon Tully just wrote an email of concern because I have not posted one my blog since June. He said he feared the worst – which is I guess a COVID-19 death. So here is the latest news with my only excuse being a bit overwhelmed by the new set of needs of moving from two residences to one where we will have to decide what we 3 want and what we 3 want to get rid of…

News is I am still kicking. More sooner than later…

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