Whew! Another Set of Changes

1 October 2020 – yesterday we closed on a new house in San Anselmo – new for us. Phaedra, Dan and I are consolidating our houses into one suitable for all 5 of us – Phaedra, Dan, the children Rosie and Joseph and me.

Between Covid-19 issues and searching and visiting potential houses the time between mid-March and today is a blur. Perhaps the most difficult set of tasks was getting everything out of the beach house so that the property stager could get in with her troops. Although I tried many professional movers to help pack – none were available!!! So I relied again on Rocky and his ability to wrangle guys from his community. None of us were professional, to say the least.

It took about 5 days = I am certain that pros would have spent 2 or less – but they would not have to make decisions about what to keep and what to throw away… the most difficult part. Lots, and I do mean LOTS went from the beach to the dump. Much also went to Salvation Army.

You can look the house up on whatever real estate site you use, Zillow or others – the address is 75 Kensington Road. It has the necessary features of walking distance to coffee shops and book stores.

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