Marin / San Francisco

Last weekend my daughter Phaedra and I took my granddaughter Rosie in to San Francisco to meet with her friend Caitlin to spend the weekend with her in Palo Alto. I loved that trip. First I have always loved to have a driver, and second because it stimulated a reverie which included decades of crossings of the Golden Gate Bridge.

My dearest Robert Bell and I moved to Marin County in 1969. Our new life started with being a bi-coastal couple, I was still at Princeton and he began his time at San Francisco State University. Our life adventure included the realization that no matter what we thought housing was worth, and each of had owned and/or rented in Princeton, New Jersey, not known as a low cost neighborhood, California prices shocked us. But that is another story.

Rainbow Tunnel also known as Waldo Tunnel also know as Robin Williams Tunnel

The link between Marin County is the fabled Golden Gate Bridge and to get there it is necessary to use California Highway 101 which now has rainbow tunnels which were once unpainted. As we drove through the bridge, bay and the city came into view, gorgeous as ever. No wonder we fell in love with this place.

There are two places where I feel at entirely home, one is here in Marin County and the other is Manhattan. Each place is indelibly in my feelings, memories, senses. I have traveled all over the world, trying to learn about the world and myself, I simply need to have that experience and probably always will. But I love coming home.

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3 thoughts on “Marin / San Francisco”

  1. Lovely to hear about your joy in the area from the beginning Peggy! The rings on the tunnel were painted first in the nineteen-sixties by Jack Mendenhall who had a job at the time with CalTrans. Later he had a career as Professor of Painting at California College of Arts and Crafts (now California College of the Arts). He told me that at first the bands were painted without margins, the margins being added later.


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