Arthritic knee, not mine

Try though I may, I cannot find a photo of an arthritic knee that will upload???

For the past three and a half weeks I have been plagued by a sore knee – sometimes just sore, other times excruciating. Sometimes pain comes when my weight is on my left leg, other times I am asleep! I have been using JoAnne’s cane except for the past day and a half since the pain has subsided and I am just trying not to do something stupid.

The most annoying thing is the disruption of what I think of as NORMAL LIFE. No NIA (dance), not much Pilates, I have tried Pilates twice and have managed about half hour with my Pilates coach Sara’s help. Tried Monday and cancelled the rest of the week.

Better news is that we have begun to have our own tomatoes! Although I have lived in Marin County since 1968 and have tried to grow tomatoes just about every year – I am the winner of the most green tomato recipes since that is what I have always ended the summer with. This year, due to San Anselmo weather and a nice west facing patch of soil, AND seedlings from my friend Susan Connelly, we have some tomatoes!!!


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3 thoughts on “Arthritis”

  1. Funny you should mention that. I have a 1:40 PM appointment today yesterday

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  2. Yes today with my primary for GuessWhat pain in my right knee. I already had a knee replacement in my left knee many many years ago and it is fine. Stay tuned

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  3. hi Had my knee x rayed on Wednesday…dx moderate arthritis waiting for my primary to order injections or aspirin. hope your knee gets better fast. warm hugs dee



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