Summer weather complete with more than an inch of rain overnight

Here in the New Jersey hinterland greens of every shade dominate every landscape. Marcia pointed out a field that announces the coming autumn with whole trees with rosy leaves and some with gold leaves drifting down with each breeze. But all the other trees were solid green for miles.

East Coast Cloud

The weather forecast was for rain to come in overnight, the tail end of one of the tropical storms that first hit Texas and Mississippi. The clouds float in the sky like an airborne cotton ball. Very little movement. I think of our clouds as stripes of water vapor being pushed and pulled apart.

As we drove to the grocery store about 25 minutes away I took a photo of Paulinskill Lake one of the many lakes that seemed to have been formed in the creases of the many old mountains. Houses are tucked in but there is no “lake community” with boat rentals and small beaches. Every once in a while there will be a boat dock, but even they are rare.

Paulinskill Lake

Tomorrow we will go to see my friend Mary Ann Janis now Mary Ann Treacy who was my best friend from the sixth grade through high school. I last saw her 20 years ago!

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