Heading North

Our Oslo hotel where each room featured a bathroom which was a shower with a toilet in it and a basin on the only other wall. Our guide said proudly that Norwegians are very frugal and never use any more space than absolutely necessary. My necessities may be unfrugal ( not a word I am warned).
Once we left the almost empty urban streets we entered a long ride through hills near water. The weather so far has been benign. Blue skies and about 70 degrees at the warmest part of the day.

From that scene through a long tunnel we began an ascent that included the famed granite mountains and the sinewy waterfalls from the lakes above.

The gadget array at the small ski resort where we had lunch of wild mushroom soup (delicious) and raw vegetables which were OK but not remarkable. The ice cream that followed was pretty good. Please note the the gadgets can be used for free and are attached to a steel frame by sturdy wires. As advertised the user can adjust or repair baby carriages, wheel chairs, bikes and whatever else. Great idea.
We never ran out of the river.
Some roofs covered with soil as a means of insulation, this one at a small farm we passed.
My bedroom at the ski resort where we spent last night. Wow opulent!

We are heading to Bergen today with a stop at a farm where we have been told we may be required to do chores. Given the condition of some of my fellow travelers getting on and off the bus is a chore.

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One thought on “Heading North”

  1. Peggy –

    Am enjoying your postings. The comments about frugality and chores were amusing. Let me know if you get to milk a cow or slop the pigs.


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