Soggy and Interesting Day

The town square shows the main newspaper for Bergen in forefront and the church at the entrance to the university in the far distance. The rain for which The city is noted accompanied us all day. My waterproof shoes were spectacularly successful.
A column under a glass overhang on the main avenue in the city.
The story of the Vikings in the Main Square impressed in bronze is the focus of the main square. Norwegians are proud of this connection to their history.
The dark block centered in the city center has been set up for a free concert to be held this evening. Audience is expected to endure and rain or wind that might accompany the music. The program consists of Grieg pieces. Greig is Norway’s gift to music in the last century. As we returned this afternoon the the Bergen Philharmonic was rehearsing in this structure. The sound of the rehearsal was spectacular.
The eighteenth century part of the port is undergoing another renovation. This area has gone through many fires but has managed to survive due to continuous ownership by families who were key to shipping interests that were responsible for the economy of Norway.
The renovation has managed to preserve the original building techniques which are unique in my experience of cities.
Part of the Port of Bergen being preserved by the city government.

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