Fish Farms in Norway

The rain did not stop our trip about an hour outside Bergen to a fish farm raising salmon. Our guide said that anyone uneasy about climbing onto 19 passenger boat riding low on the water can stay in the pontoon building that is part of the monitoring station.

One of the six pens filled with salmon being fattened for market.

The ride from the pontoon building located a 5 minute ride from shore was a taste of Mutiny on the Bounty. Our guide was a young man who apologized for the fact that he was new in his job having been with the company only two months. But he said if we had questions he could not answer he had immediate contact with others.

Our young guide actually knew far more than any of us about the whole operation but was very modest. And very tall.
This is Kat out OAT guide looking smashing in her outfit. We were all outfitted in life jackets and given a safety briefing prior to getting on board a launch from the platform pontoon building to the actual pens.

The ride back from the pens took us back to the port where our trusty bus was waiting warm and dry. None of were either warm or dry.

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