A factory, a funicular and onto a ship

This has been a very full day and now at 10 PM I realize I might finish this tomorrow morning. At the moment I am supine in my cabin 550 on the ship Nordlys plying our way north to famous fjords.

The funicular runs to a spot above the city where various restaurants and cafes allow for a respite for those hiking and a lovely spot for folks just wanting to see the city panorama.
The funicular moves in tandem with its twin going downhill. Through the curved ceiling you can see the city’s house arranged up the mountain. The man in the mask was the only mask we have seen since we arrived.
A really sunny day. Cheers for the weatherman.
Amen for this part of the day.
After the funicular we got back on our bus and traveled to the first factory to use local designers and labor. After the 3 original owners outgrew their space in another factory they renovated an abandoned factory building along a river. It had been abandoned for 40 years. This is the renovated building today.
Photos taken before the renovation began. The building structure is basically intact. The windows have all been replaced by triple glazing. There is air conditioning and a eco-conscious garbage program aimed at re-cycling and composting.
This is the genius who programs the looms. Each loom is programmed to produce whole garments or parts of garments. Each loom hums away as directed without supervision. Any kinks or problems are discovered in the lab before the program is placed in the production unit.
Some pieces are joined by a system that looks like a zipper in which a thread joins the pieces going from one side to the other. The whole process happens in a trice!
The loom to be programmed.
Threads of merino wool 75% and silk 25% of many colors.
Final exam by a repair specialist. When a problem is found it may be able to be cured, but there are garments where the repair can be seen and they are discounted and sold by other vendors.
My friend Joan Pont has a baby programmable loom and I sent hers photos to her.

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