Once the capital of Norway it is now the third largest city in the country but the capital is now Oslo. As we approached the city the landscape flattened.

Approaching Trondheim.
The departure area where we each must have our tags entered so that they know that everyone is aboard before they leave
We were headed to the Nidaros Cathedral built on a site that has had stone church buildings since approximately 1000. It is believed that the body of Saint Olav was buried at this site and therefore became the site for the religious buildings.
Inside the museum located on the site the remains of the original church foundation walks have been preserved. Since granite is everywhere that is the stone used for construction.
As usual in the medieval period the church became the central place for protection, for markets, for temporary buildings and animals. Now it us super clean.
In the museum there is a remarkable painted screw that tells the story of Olaf which has an uncanny connection with Christ. the Saint died and a year later his body was exhumed and he was remarkably preserved making his sainthood absolutely certain. Also a pool of water miraculously appeared and the water had healing properties. It became a pilgrimage site for centuries.

Quite a nice cover for the septic system.

From the cathedral we went to the fort built in the 16th century. It is now a city park and used for recreation and a viewpoint for visitors.
The houses are all wood including the piles that line the river. There are street after street for blocks around that have more or less the same form.
Colorful patches of garden pop up at street corners and in window boxes. In a place where grey skies abound this is a blessing.
This oddity is a bike lift. It is free to use to get your bicycle up the hill by linking your Nike the a continuous moving chain, much like a cable car in San Francisco and the bike goes up to the top of the hill where the schools are. Housing is on the blocks below where we have been walking.

A lecture on the Vikings this afternoon was great and I will try to give some idea of it tomorrow morning.

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