Crossing the Arctic Circle

We crossed the Arctic Circle at 7:36 AM with blowing whistles between the two boats one going north and one going south and crossing at the same time.

This is the sister ship going south. Less than a minute after this photo each ship saluted each other with their ships horns. They also celebrated crossing the Arctic Circle.
The skies remain overcast and the air is colder.
One of the ways to celebrate is to have the sea god who got on the boat as we crossed the Arctic Circle pour ice on. Those who want to celebrate with a local whiskey. I thought there would be few takers but I was wrong.
The Norse god is the guy with the cloak and beard and the pail of ice to dump on volunteers who wish to join the celebration. It must be a guy thing because many men in the group willingly sat down to have ice poured over their head and down their back, only to jump up and yell. And then walk over to the alcoholic libation.
We are docking at Bodo the administrative center for this part of Norway. We also learned that 3 of our group has COVID. Yikes. 3 out of 22.

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